SPAM and Inactive Users

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SPAM and Inactive Users

Postby Chas » Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:33 pm

Hi All

In an attempt to pre-empt some spam I have deleted several users who have never posted and look suspiciously like potential spam sources, due, for example, to apparent association with commercial or "inappropriate" sites or subjects. For most this was obvious and I have given the benefit of the doubt to users, however there is of course the possibility that I have deleted some genuine users who just appeared to have commercial links. If I have deleted you by mistake please accept my sincere apologies and simply re-register.

For the future, would all users please make at least one post, if possible on the day they register, so that I can see that you are a genuine user and not a computer generated spam source. You do not have to give any personal details just make it obvious that you are a genuine user by for example referring to Brugada Syndrome. It would also help if past members who have not yet posted any message also make one post. I can then check users from time to time and delete those who have never submitted any posts.

I believe that we all benefit from hearing other peoples opinions and experience, but If you decide that you only want to view the forums you do not have to register.

This will not stop all spam but will allow deletion of some bogus users before "they" post offensive material etc.

I would be grateful if someone (fnmartinez) would traslate this message and post on the "Grupo De Soporte En Español".

Many thanks and sorry again to anyone that I have deleted by mistake.
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