To have children or not

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To have children or not

Postby Lego1 » Thu Jul 14, 2016 7:06 pm

Hi All, I know most people on here probably already had children when they got their diagnosis, but I'm just wondering if you would have had children if you'd found out beforehand? I've not long had a baby and the fear of him having Brugada has left me feeling guilt ridden, anxious and very depressed. I'm so scared of losing him. I'm now left with the difficult decision of whether to have a sibling for him. I'm so terrified of losing a child. I think what frightens me is the fact that they rarely treat children so, if they do develop the condition, I'd be constantly on edge worrying. Has anyone with a known mutation ever had an embryo screened before implantation or had aminocentesis to test the baby for the condition in the womb? I had always dreamed of having 2 or 3 children but the fear of passing on this condition and having to live with the consequences terrifies me
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Re: To have children or not

Postby nexus123 » Thu Aug 04, 2016 1:37 am

I don't think you should let the fear of Brugada stop you from having children. Brugada rarely affects children, although it is true that one of the first cases was described in a young child. The thing is you can still live a good, fulfilling life even if you have Brugada. Something like 80% of people who have Brugada they can't find a genetic link (as yet). I'm 29 years old with spontaneous type 1 Brugada and I'm grateful my parents had me. Also I've never had any fainting spells to date so I'm asymptomatic.
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