Anyone else on Beta-blockers?

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Anyone else on Beta-blockers?

Postby JEM-JEM » Wed Dec 30, 2015 9:28 pm

Hello, what a great forum.
I have recently been diagnosed with type 1 Brugada following a bout of pneumonia (treated with Eryromycin and Doxycycline). Two months later I collapsed and my heart was beating at 180bpm. I was taken to hospital, then flown to the major hospital in our state (I'm in rural Australia). They could find nothing wrong with me and did not attribute my attack with the Brugada syndrome. Since then my heart will suddenly race (Tachycardia) for no reason, so the doctors have put me on Beta-blockers (Metoprolol). This does seem to work in preventing the tachycardia, but I do not have a great deal of confidence in the doctors as they didn't seem to know a lot about Brugada in general. I am always lightheaded and often dizzy, even without taking the Metoprolol. They also fitted a loop recorder. Has anyone else been prescribed Beta-blockers?
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Re: Anyone else on Beta-blockers?

Postby nexus123 » Wed Jan 13, 2016 8:17 am

I haven't been prescribed beta-blockers before. However, it looks to me that the patient letter doesn't mention any beta blockers. Except perhaps propofol which is a strong anesthetic but it looks like this also is a beta-blocker? I'm no expert so you will need to check with your doctor. One thing I can tell you about beta-blockers is that are often used to treat Long QT syndrome. Long QT is different to Brugada however there sometimes both conditions can run in some families i.e. some families have members with Brugada and others with Brugada. On an information sheet I was given in hospital it it mentioned this about Brugada and Long QT "It is easiest understood by considering the sodium channel as a tap which must be switched on and off very quickly for each heartbeat - in Brugada syndrome the tap doesn't open fully quick enough, and in long QT, the tap lets too much sodium through for too long" (CID/BS/Information sheet/Version 3/November 2010).

I saw from your other post that you were looking for a cardiologist who specialises in Brugada in Western Australia. I'm in NZ so don't know any doctors in WA. If your cardiologist is not an EP doctor then I would suggest doing a google search on 'Electrophysiologists in Western Australia'. Electrophysiologists are cardiologists who go on to do further training in electrophysiology. They are experts in heart timing, electrical system, and treating irregular heartbeats or arrhythmia. When I saw a private specialist I emailed them high quality scans of my hospital ECGs and wrote up a short medical history before my appointment. Also because the appointments can be short, write down a list of questions to ask.

What type of loop recorder did you have fitted? Have you only been feeling lightheaded and dizzy since your bout of pneumonia?

All the best and hope things are improving for you!
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Re: Anyone else on Beta-blockers?

Postby JohnD » Sat Feb 06, 2016 1:55 pm

Hi, Jem.

I was prescribed Metrpolol also, by my EP, at the same time my ECG exhibited the type 1 Brugada pattern. He prescribed them due to my experiencing a high resting heart rate, and presumably to help regulate my abnormally frequent PVCs.

I did have very normal blood pressure (125/75) prior to starting to take it, but Metropolol is often prescribe to reduce blood pressure, so my blood pressure runs pretty low sometimes (90/55 isn't unusual), and other doctors will always ask with a concerned look, "Is your blood pressure normally this low?" Anyway, my point is that I do experience some light-headedness when standing upright quickly, and it attribute it to my lower blood pressure.

Every year I ask the EP if I can stop taking the BB (I'm not a big fan of meds and I've lost a lot of weight and gained fitness) and he says no, the BB has regulatory benefits that he thinks I need. Hope that helps.
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