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Question about Drug

Postby canadian_user » Wed Jul 08, 2015 10:59 pm

I'm sort of new to all this. I am hoping someone here can help me out. Could you please tell me if INTUNIV XR is safe to take? It's not on the list but there is a disclaimer in the brochure that says "has a heart problem (e.g., very low heart rate, heart rhythm
problem" .


Consumer Information: ... _CI_EN.pdf

Back Information:
I am currently being investigated for Brugada. My brother passed away unexpectedly and one of the causes was possible Brugada. I also have an abnormal ECG but it is inconclusive so I am waiting on my Procainamide test and other tests to try and confirm one way or another. From the sounds of the possible symptoms it seems like there is a chance my brother did have it, and quite likely I do as well, but need the tests to confirm it.

My son's Phycologist would like to start him on Intuniv but I am unsure if we should wait to see if I, and then him actually have Brugada before starting him on it or if it is a drug that will not cause issues.
Thanks in advance for any help you could provide.
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