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Re: Update to Brugada Drugs List & Clinical Guidelines

Postby Chas » Thu Feb 19, 2015 2:41 pm

Dear subscriber to the BrugadaDrugs.org update service,

With this email we would like to inform you that the www.BrugadaDrugs.org website has been updated with new drugs.

There are 3 new drugs that have been added to the Avoid and Preferably avoid lists:

To the 'Avoid list' the drugs Allapinine and Ethacizine have been added. These drugs may be used to treat heart rhythm disorders such as atrial fibrillation or extrasystoles but may result in adverse events in Brugada syndrome patients. Therefore we advise to not use these drugs in Brugada syndrome patients and to look for alternatives. Please know that these drugs are not regularly available in many countries.
To the 'Preferably avoid list' the drug Bupropion has been added. Bupropion may be used as an anti-depressant drug. Data emerged that this drug may be associated with the uncovering of the 'Type-1' Brugada ECG and as such may precipitate arrhythmias. Therefore we advise to preferably avoid this drug and to look for alternatives or to pay close attention to its effect.

These drugs have been added to the patient letters available in many different languages (18 languages now available!). You can print the updated patient letter from www.brugadadrugs.org/patient-letter/ and provide it to your patients or health care professionals.

Other matters

The BrugadaDrugs.org website and the recommendations are provided to you, freely accessible throughout the world and without registration or login. To be able to continue this website your donation would be very much appreciated. When you would like to donate to this website, please follow this link. Please know that the hosting of the website has been made possible by unrestricted support from the Cardionetworks Foundation (http://www.cardionetworks.org). The Cardionetworks Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization founded in 2007 and based in The Netherlands. Donations would be very much appreciated to compensate for server and hosting costs. Please know that the chair, web team and Advisory Board do not receive any financial compensation for their work for the website and provide this service in their spare time.
BrugadaDrugs.org now has a Twitter account (@brugadadrugs), look for us on Twitter and subscribe to be frequently updated.
The website has been updated with an 'Emergencies' page. On this page physicians can find information on the treatment of life threatening arrhythmias in Brugada syndrome patients and on how to deal with anesthesia.
The list with drugs with possible anti-arrhythmic properties in Brugada syndrome has been updated with Bepridil, a multichannel blocker that may be used to prevent (recurrence of) ventricular arrhythmias. Bepridil is regularly available in Japan but may be available in other countries as well.
Please know that there also is a list of drugs of which we currently believe that there is no reason to avoid.
For questions about the use of the BrugadaDrugs.org website and the recommendations, please find the Frequently Asked Questions page here. When you have other questions or remarks you can fill in the contact form (preferably in English). Please do enter a valid email address to be able to receive a response (we often receive emails without a valid email address).
The BrugadaDrugs.org website is continuing to be frequently visited. The website has at present attracted >150,000 unique visitors from >190 countries world-wide and averages now about 5,000 unique visitors per month.
We do our utmost to deliver this data on safe drugs free of charge and based on recommendations from experts around the world. However we just cannot ascertain you that the information on the website is 100% accurate for your specific situation/patient. You can find our (obligatory) disclaimer here. Please also know that some drugs from the 'Preferably avoid list' might actually be safe to use in some patients with Brugada syndrome, although this needs careful consideration and monitoring. It is common sense that the use of drugs from the 'Avoid list' need even more careful consideration and monitoring before administration, except for the drugs with a class I recommendation as these are fully contra-indicated and prolonged use is undoubtedly dangerous in patients with Brugada syndrome. Please contact us when in need for advice.

We sincerely hope that you continue to appreciate the website.

Many thanks for your kind attention.

Kind regards, Pieter G. Postema, MD, PhD
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